The Real Deal, Tony Flaner Mystery #6

Tony must face sticky mud, stickier orgies and the Rapture itself to uncover the Real Deal. 

In this captivating tale, Eugene, Oregon, known for its vibrant counterculture and unconventional charm, becomes the backdrop for a convergence of competing cults. As the Merry Pranksters revel in their mischievous antics and the spirit of the world hangs in the balance, Tony finds himself in the midst of a psychic soiree hosted by a mysterious mushroom millionaire. Little does Tony know that this enigmatic figure shares a troubling connection with his girlfriend, raising questions and stirring suspicions.

With a blend of humor and uncertainty, Tony faces the muddy obstacles of Eugene, where even the Roman cement would blush at the thickness of the mud. Amidst the swirling incense and fervent devotion, Tony must navigate a series of unsettling events that involve brainwashing, kidnapping, and multiple murders. Can he rise above his mid-life crisis, embrace his inner hero, and uncover the truth behind the facade?

Immerse yourself in the wild and whimsical world of Eugene, Oregon, as you join Tony and his eclectic gang in a New Age gathering like no other.