Widow’s Son, The Rare Book Mystery #3

Age-old retributions and blood atonements bring our unlikely hero back to solve one last spiritually-steeped mystery.

Michael Bevan is finally content with his used bookstore. When he’s offered a valuable first-edition Book of Mormon that bears a strange inscription alluding to blood atonement, it disappears—with two people lying dead in its wake.

After extensive research, he discovers that the book’s disappearance might have something to do with the murder of Joseph Smith—a Mormon prophet. After Joseph’s death in 1844, his zealots swore to avenge his death by not only killing the men responsible, but by also eliminating the murderers’ future generations.

When Michael’s friend is kidnapped, he fears the worst and journeys to a clandestine camp of vengeful men hellbent on ritual sacrifice. To save a life, he must summon every ounce of courage, brawn, and wit imaginable. But to defeat the fanatics consumed by an unholy vision and steal the Book of Mormon back, a little divine intervention couldn’t hurt. 

Can Michael save an innocent life from being sacrificed and obtain the Book of Mormon… without risking his bookstore in the process?