Red Beam of Day, Tommy Conlon #3

Dublin, Ireland 1918

When WWI veteran—and part-time private detective—Tommy Conlon is hired to find the troubled daughter of a wealthy Irish businessman, he uncovers a mysterious cult whose army of followers are willing to do anything to keep their activities secret. 

On a collision course to find the girl, Conlon faces several armed men in a harsh pursuit of destroying him and his intel. Conlon, though, is not deterred. In fact, he’s hellbent on destroying the intrepid cult funded by wealthy and powerful men—even if they are determined to kill him.

But when Conlon turns the tables and brings his own style of combat to their back doors, the results are bloody…and explosive.

A vivid and gripping historical crime thriller, Red Beam of Day brings exhilarating action scenes, well-developed characters, and riveting storylines to a revolutionary Dublin in intriguing noir tradition.