The Hermit of Big Horn County, Tony Flaner Mystery #5

In a world where everyone has something to hide, even the most unexpected places hold dark truths.

When a daring challenge leads Tony Flaner and his companions to the secluded corners of northern Wyoming, they find themselves disconnected from the digital realm and immersed in a reality they never imagined. Gone are the comforts of technology, replaced by the rugged landscape, no flushing toilets–wait, what?–and a sense of isolation that seems to permeate the very air they breathe. 

But beneath the serene facade, danger lurks, and secrets take root.

Tony uncovers a world of old-fashioned motives and a chilling murder that shatters the tranquility of their retreat. As the layers of deception crumble, Tony must navigate through treacherous terrain, both physical and emotional, where manure piles high and the true nature of humanity is laid bare.

Unearth the hidden secrets of a remote wilderness in this gripping Tony Flaner mystery.