The Hate Crime

The stakes are higher than ever as private eye, Vito Martinelli and crime-solving movie director, David Cristi face ruthless murderers determined to destroy anyone in their way…

Roland Fornier, a long-cherished friend from David Cristi’s childhood, needs help finding his missing granddaughter.  But this is no ordinary missing-person case…Kathleen was placed in a Witness Protection Program after she killed her neo-Nazi husband, Kirk Biggins, who was about to detonate a uranium bomb in the heart of Boston. The safety of America’s cities depended on her anonymity.

Now, Kirk’s vengeful former comrades are on the hunt, eager to extract the secrets Kathleen possesses. The danger is imminent, and David and Vito must locate her before the neo-Nazis do. The catch? Kathleen’s new identity and her whereabouts remain a mystery. 

Experience a riveting and uncertain race against time as Cristi and Martinelli navigate a suspenseful chase, not only against the adversaries but also against Roland, who seems more inclined to seek revenge than to save Kathleen.

Will David and Vito outsmart the neo-Nazis and save Kathleen, or will the forces of darkness prevail?