The Counterfeit Connection, Tony Flaner Mystery #4

In an avalanche of lies, one real slacker stands against the wave of pretenders.

After months of chasing shadows, Tony Flaner, the insecure sleuth, is about to have his life turned upside down. In the blink of an eye, four cases land on Tony’s plate, igniting a fire within him. But these cases are no ordinary mysteries—they come with a price.

But Tony’s journey is far from ordinary. As he dives into a realm of international intrigue, fading fame, and ferocious canines, he’s confronted by the one case he dreads the most—a domestic situation that threatens to shatter his carefully constructed world. 

From actors and agents to hippies and obscure obsessions, every step uncovers new layers of deceit and danger. Even a Burmese coup and the most abominable song from Rogers and Hammerstein put Tony’s luck, skill, and patience to the ultimate test.

Art and artifice intertwine, creating a world of fakes and facades where nothing is as it seems.