Tag, You’re It, Father Tag Nolan #3

All Father Tag Nolan and Jenna want is some semblance of peace and quiet. But it doesn’t look like the Lord is willing to grant that prayer any time soon. 

Asked to recite the opening prayer for the annual reenactment of the Battle of San Jacinto, a famous fight that granted the Republic of Texas its cherished independence, they are forced into action when someone starts using real bullets—one of them aimed at Floyd Webb, a member of St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church.

Soon, Father Nolan and Jenna are caught up in a web of lies, long-buried family secrets, and a cover-up that expands to the United States Senate. 

With a far-from-simple mystery on their hands, one Anglican priest and his dedicated partner in crime find themselves in a killer’s crosshairs once again as they try to unravel a deadly mystery that could shock the entire nation.