Ryan Fowler has been obsessed with stories his entire life. Whether it was crafting elaborate plots for his action figures to act out, reading mysteries when he should have been doing homework, or writing fan fiction based on his favorite cartoons, he always loved a good yarn. 

He spent his boyhood reading Encyclopedia Brown and The Hardy Boys every chance he got, and his love of mysteries and thrillers carried into his adult years. When he got into the professional writing game, though, it was romances that gave him his first work. That was a few years back and about forty-plus novels ago. He’s hidden behind pennames, ghosted under others’ names, and written in genres ranging from romance to westerns and police procedurals. He enjoys spinning colorful tales across the fiction spectrum, so long as they’re fast paced, fun, and don’t take themselves too seriously.

He lives in Oklahoma with his wife, two children, and a couple of ridiculously spoiled mutts. He’s still a book nut but loves films just as much, particularly the classics. You can find Ryan’s blog at oldfadedtrails.blogspot.com or follow his Author Profile on Amazon.



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