Quest for the Witch’s Code, Sgt. Hawk #8


An American code expert is seized by the Japanese in a neutral territory. Instead of silence, he’s able to send cryptic messages to Allied intelligence, one flagged as the highest priority. Deciphering this coded message leads to a trail of elusive phrases known to a select few, triggering Sergeant Hawk’s mission to interview these key individuals—a daunting task as many of the eccentric figures operate amidst enemy lines or in direct combat. 

Hawk is then guided by a mysterious witch doctor who promises him answers that could expedite the search if he complies with certain tasks she assigns him. He receives unexpected and unwanted assistance from the influential Vera Orr—with whom he shares a stormy past—and soon they both find themselves on the list of interviewees.

Has a captured American code master broadcast a brilliant message to save the Allied cause, or is it only a devious effort to free himself at the expense of his rescuers?