Old Habits, Father Tag Nolan #1

Tag Nolan was a legend in the Houston, Texas Police Department. Along with his wife, Jenna, he was one of the best detectives H-Town had to offer. But after being shot in the line of duty, he decided on a drastic career change. 

Now rector at St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church, Father Nolan still serves and protects. Just in a different way. 

Unable to set aside a strange encounter with a parishioner and his teen daughter, he and Jenna decide to pay Sean and Annie Holleran a visit…but they’re too late. Sean has been beaten bloody—and Annie is missing. 

With police targeting the teenage girl as the case’s prime suspect, Father Nolan’s instincts tell him a different story—Annie is in trouble. 

Immersed knee-deep in a twisted and ever-evolving mystery involving gang members, corrupt FBI agents, and stolen drug money, a dedicated Anglican priest and his headstrong wife must confront imminent danger around every corner as they fight to return a young girl home.