Max Adler, The Complete Duology

Will good triumph over evil in this historical and thought-provoking WWII military thriller?

In This Face of Evil, it’s 1943 and halfway through WWII when OSS Captain Max Adler is sent to Rome to find an Italian nuclear physicist and persuade him to go to America. Standing in his way is SS-Colonel Heinrich Schmidt—directed by Nazi high-command to stop Max from accomplishing his mission at all costs. The Germans want the physicist as much as the Allies. But can the beautiful British MI6 agent, Sophie Norcross, and her Italian connections help Max find the scientist first? Or will she prove to be a distraction? Starting in Berlin in 1936 and ending in Rome seven years later, two soldiers will fight a personal war that only one can win.

During Pawns in an Ancient Game, Nazis officers and war criminals are fleeing Germany in the hopes of saving themselves and escaping Allied justice. They’re also working with radical Islamic fundamentalists—attempting to create a new Islamic caliphate, prevent the creation of Israel, and throw out the British and French colonialists. Too make matters worse, one of these Nazi criminals is SS-Colonel Johann von Dietz, and he controls the process for creating Sarin gas. For his knowledge and expertise, he would be paid well. Can Max find him in time and do whatever it takes to stop him?

Max Adler: The Complete Duology is sure to have you on the edge of your seat—waiting to see if good will prevail in the end.