Killers in the Fog, Sgt. Hawk #7


Sergeant James Hawk faces relentless challenges in the unexplored heart of an island, desperately attempting to rescue an imprisoned Army general from the clutches of the Japanese. However, fate takes an unexpected turn when an inexperienced officer is suddenly thrust into command, only to vanish into the dense jungle without a trace. 

Sgt. Hawk regains control of the mission and sets out to fulfill his assignment, but there’s a catch—he must await crucial instructions from a mysterious contact. Time is of the essence as he races against the clock to save the General and escape the treacherous island.

Pursued by a relentless army, navy base, and even the crew of a wrecked Nazi submarine, Sgt. Hawk must summon every ounce of courage and tactical brilliance to survive. With danger lurking around every corner, he’ll have to outsmart his adversaries and navigate the perilous landscape to achieve his mission.

Join Sgt. Hawk as he battles against all odds to complete the rescue and unravel the mysteries of the island.