Kane: Deep Black, Fear the Reaper #4

Trouble is bubbling between two of London’s most notorious crime syndicates…

To MI5, the tension between crime lords proves too good an opportunity to clean them out once and for all—start a war and let them kill themselves off one by one.

But someone beats them to it, and before the dust can settle, someone else takes out virtually every head of London’s crime family—including Lucky Rance, the man at the head of London’s most corrupt ongoings.

No longer content with staying hands-off, MI5 wants answers fast. But as the bodies continue piling up, agents start wondering if the crime lords’ theatrics are a smokescreen for something bigger…something far more deadly.

Enter Raymond “Knocker” Jensen, a former SAS man who’s always—somehow— prepared. When it comes to getting answers, MI5 knows they need Jensen, a man prepared to stop at nothing until he gets the results he desires.