Kane: Born of the Reaper, Fear the Reaper #5

Past and present collide…

What starts out as a simple mission to help MI6 turns into something more complicated than John ‘Reaper’ Kane ever expected to come across.

All he has to do is babysit a former CIA officer who knew his grandfather from their days in the Vietnam War. But then the man claims that Kane’s grandfather—who supposedly died in a plane crash—was actually murdered. As proof, he gives Kane a diary, telling him that his questions will be answered by the time he finishes.

If only he can live long enough to read through to the end…

Deep in the pages, Kane learns things about his grandfather that he never knew before. And as it turns out, the two of them weren’t so different.

But one small detail has Kane dumbstruck… His grandfather was the original John ‘Reaper’ Kane.