Harbingers, Jonathan Creed #3

A thrill-packed ride filled with monstrous evil and good that prevails…

Jonathan Creed has labored for twenty-five years in a profession where he’s seen the worst humanity has to offer. But his newest case reveals a depth of depravity he has yet to confront. 

Creed’s newest client, Hamilton Grant, has overcome horrendous child abuse at the hands of devil worshippers. Now, they want to claim him as their own. A dark and malevolent force, that perceives children as a commodity, will stop at nothing to gain control over Grant.  

Thrust into a disgusting world where children are used for pleasure and profit—under the guise of worship—Creed must protect his client and put a stop to seemingly unstoppable monsters. 

In a world full of good and evil, Jonathan Creed must descend into a terrifying darkness to neutralize a force as old as time itself.