Chasing Truth and Redemption, Detective Carla McBride Chronicles #3

In the summer of 1997, Penny Miracle, a beautiful, mature teenager, disappeared without a trace. On that day, up-and-coming rookie police officer, Carla McBride, was one of the first officers to arrive on the scene. Bernie Kowalski, who had just achieved detective status, was assigned as the lead investigator. 

After numerous interviews, tips, and dead-end leads, the case fell cold and laid dormant for fifteen years—until the police force’s forensic psychologist and Penny’s childhood best friend, Beth Pendergast, re-opened the case. 

Now, Carla, Bernie, and Beth are thrust into action, on the hunt to solve a cold case that’s haunted each of them since that fateful day. 

Together, can they seek truth and redemption as a team…or will their lives remain forever changed?