Armor of God, People of the Book #2

In the riveting follow-up to The Masada Scroll, delve into a compelling and thought-provoking narrative that remains as relevant today as ever.

In Masada, the discovery of a previously unknown gospel sets in motion a powerful chain of events that rocks religious communities across the globe. This sacred scroll, penned by Dismas bar-Dismas, introduces an enigmatic symbol uniting elements of Christianity’s Cross, Judaism’s Star of David, and Islam’s Crescent and Star. Bar-Dismas also espouses the concept of unity among Christians, Jews, and Muslims by outlining the three paths to God. The gospel’s existence attracts the attention of Via Dei, a dangerous sect hell-bent on perpetuating religious conflict. 

Father Michael Flannery, the prophesied Keeper of the Sign, is destined to bring peace to the world through this gospel. Once a translator of the scroll, he narrowly survives an assassination attempt while en route to a historic symposium in New York, where the world’s largest religious groups gather. Via Dei is determined to silence Father Flannery and prevent his message from reaching the world. 

Woven into the fabric of this contemporary suspense are the trials of Tobias Garlande, a scholar living during the First Crusade. Plagued by visions of future calamities, Tobias, too, is a Keeper of the Sign, and his warning to Father Flannery reverberates across centuries: Failure is not an option.

Combining international intrigue and suspense with fascinating historical detail, Armor of God explores the ramifications of true faith with a compelling tale of past and present religious turmoil and touching human drama.